One Law For All rally 2012

The Secular Humanist League of Brazil wishes to express our full support for the One Law For All movement and reiterate admiration for our dear honorary member Maryam Namazie. 
In Brazil we do not suffer from the problem of Sharia, since Islamists are a negligible minority. But we do know what it is like to have theocrats trying to impose their way of life on public power and society at large.
Muslims are welcome in the secular society as free participants in the belief system diversity every humanist cherishes, so every charge of “islamophobia” against this movement is lacking depth of analysis. The truth we witness in Europe is that a small but influent minority in Islam is trying, in a passive-agressive fashion by mimicking the cry of oppressed minorities, to undermine centuries of slow prosocial evolution by imposing Sharia law on human beings who are unlucky enough to be put under the label “Muslim”, many times against their will.
Every individual is a precious universe that has an opportunity to blossom into achievements of art, science and love. Human rights are an attempt to grant security to this process, and so is secular law. Sharia only tries to nip it in the bud.

Eli Vieira


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